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AU & Co. is a brand for badass babes who believe in timeless, sustainable style. Inspired by the ease of the West Coast and classic silhouettes, we work to give you a go-to piece, not a donation in waiting. 

Dreamt up and kicked off in Costa Mesa, CA, our jam is building pieces that are genuinely made to feel effortless for years to come. Timeless in design and mindful in manufacturing - our collection is sewn entirely in CA, consciously using rescued deadstock and recycled fabric. In a wasteful industry, our hearts believe in quality over quantity - so we build small runs, source our fabric locally and I personally wrap each order, with love. 

We know looking, feeling and inspiring good is important to you. We are certainly not perfect and tend to celebrate imperfections - big fans of mussed-up hair and worn in jean jackets. However, we promise to always have heart behind our brand. Our loyalty to you, your closet, mother earth and all her wild things is our foundation. With that, we will always provide a collection that makes you look, feel and inspire oh so much good.

So cheers to all the badass babes who want better!

Yours truly,

Alex Uritis - Creative Director & Designasaurus