A's Faves - Valentine's Day Style

Our Designer, Alex & some of her favorite things.

I'm always in for a good theme. 

I'd love to share some of my favorite ways to style our Valentine's Day feelin' pieces. Maybe you'll get inspired for that hot date you have planned or to drink champagne with your besties - both equally fantastic. 



The Margaret jumper if perfect for layers above or below. Add a bold collar underneath. With a simple blouse - a statement necklace works beautifully as well. Blazers are not just for business, ladies. Throw one over for a super sharp look and don't forget the perfect red lip.




Add a little drama to The Joanne in Wine-O.  Styled with a dark lip, big jeweled earrings, a drop necklace by Sierra Winter Jewelry of course, simple heels and a totally fabulous coat from Salt + Bloom. Vintage fur would also do the trick. The key to this look? Don't be afraid to really go for it. 



Add An Edge

The Joanne in Desert Blush is dainty and delicate so I love adding the badass element of a moto jacket. A heeled boot, stud earrings and a simple top knot allow you to act as a bohemian babe and rocker chick in the same night.


Keep it casual

Velvet certainly carries a level of glamour, but it doesn't have to be reserved for your next red carpet event. Dress The Rosie down with a worn in jean jacket, a bit of turquoise and tousled locks. Rolling up your jacket sleeves adds an easy breezy vibe. Don't let your velvet collect dust, it wants to live! 

confidence is everything

Yes, you can pull it off. The only important person telling you the opposite is you. Tell Negative Nancy to hush, put on that sequin jacket you love and rock it. Need a little push? Call me! 

Love, Alex 

An Unorthodox Recommendation

Zurich, Switzerland 

Zurich, Switzerland 

In the short time A Stone Groove has been around us writers have offered up some unique recommendations ranging from jewelry to delicious foods. Today I am here to make a recommendation that will probably sound very random, but I trust that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

That recommendation is to go out and have a conversation.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

So, what the what am I talking about and where am I coming from?! Well, dear reader let me have a virtual conversation with you. I am aware that this particular conversation is entirely one way, but trust me on this one.

Lavertezzo, Switzerland 

Lavertezzo, Switzerland 

The past five weeks of my life has been the craziest and most rewarding block of time that I can remember. Late October I jumped over to Switzerland to work on a project for three weeks during which a crazy election took place and I got to explore Europe. I returned to the United States of Trump for five days before jumping over to a week’s vacation in Cuba. The morning after my return I shuttled up to Orange County to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. Zip through a few catch-up days at work and I find myself here finally feeling recovered from the bad paella I ate in Cuba (would eat again in a heartbeat) and staring down the Christmas season and the weight I am about to gain.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

I have tried to reflect and wrap my head around everything that I have experienced and the common thread that keeps coming up is the incredible conversations I have been able to be a part of. Learning about the different regions of Switzerland and how that affects the countries cultures over Cordon Bleu. Walking into the office the morning after the election and getting a worldwide view of the decision our country decided to make. Returning home with friends and attending an ACLU event to try and get more involved. Jogging alongside a Cuban resident as he expressed his love for his country. Night-capping on a Havana rooftop with a cigar and reflecting on what it means to be happy. Sitting at the dinner table for Thanksgiving and reliving classic family stories. Sitting in the Uritis fungalow as we suddenly realized why Rhianna is sending out three Stance socks (I will let you come to a conclusion on that one). The conversations have been all over the place, but consistently rewarding. It is amazing how much can be taken away from even the seemingly mundane conversations.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

I won’t go deeply into it because this isn’t the space, but you can enter any superlative and adjective you want about the current state of our country and you would be completely valid in your exclamation. What that means is the need for conversation is at an all-time high. Grab a drink and discuss the new Gilmore Girls. Surround yourself with the people you care about and help push forward the causes you believe in. Jump out of that comfort zone and have a civil conversation with someone you disagree with to truly try understand where they are coming from. Talk to that coworker who you haven’t actually introduced yourself to and learn something about their life.

I know that this recommendation may seem odd, but I truly believe that rewarding conversations are waiting at just about every corner. Memories, personal growth, laughter, lifelong lessons, and empathy can all be achieved through a few exchanged words and I can’t think of a better way to spend a few minutes. 

Keep the good discussions coming and keep on keeping on.

T Max